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Since 2019

Theory Leadership + Wellness:

Define and design your ideal future.

We offer evidence-led, wellness focused leadership development and trainings for organizations, workplaces and individuals, with the aim to align, thrive and lead.

We are experienced, educated and certified. We are set apart by offering customized programs; a network of aligned practitioners; a holistic and integrated approach to everything we do; and reliance on scientifically-proven tools and tactics.

We deliver an integrated and curated leadership and wellness experience to meet the unique goals and objectives of individuals and organizations across the globe.

The journey will leave you more resilient, confident and energized.


"Thought-provoking, highly professional and knowledgeable"

Helen, Sr. HR Professional, Vancouver, Canada

"Highly intuitive process"

Holly, Consultant, Kelowna, Canada


Alana, Vancouver

"Clarity, insight, confidence"

Sarah, HR Consultant, Toronto

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