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5 Ways Meditation Can Transform Your Organization

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February 25, 2021

5 Ways Meditation Can Help Transform Your Organization

Meditation, and giving ourselves the space to connect within, transforms our brain, our approach to life, our productivity, creativity, and overall satisfaction. With a high burn-out rate, leading to high turn-over and costs to organizations, many have realized we need to take a good look at our work-life balance. Our retreats and activities focus on giving each person simple tools for discovering and enhancing their own meditation and mindfulness practice. We understand that each person accesses meditation differently, just as we each have different interests and learn differently. This journey is also unique, and brings greater balance within the individual and organizations.

Business Leaders Who Meditate

Did you know Steve Jobs (Apple), Arianna Huffington (Huffington Post), Tim Ferris ('Tools of Titans'), Jack Dorsey (Twitter and Square), Russell Simmons (Rush Communications, Deflam Records, 'Success Through Stillness'), Bill Ford (Ford Motor Co.), and many other top leaders practice meditation?

Why Meditate?

  1. Meditation encourages us to move from an Alpha or Beta brainwave state, where we are on alert or even to the point of scattered with too much going on, to Theta and Delta, where we are able to integrate information and allow our bodies to heal and refresh. When we do this, we are able to improve our memory, mental capacity, and learn better. Our overall health also improves! You can read more about Brainwaves here.
  2. When we are in an Alpha or Beta state throughout the day, we are on the go and highly task oriented. While this is beneficial at times, for many it becomes hard to slow down and many of us try -- often unsuccessfully -- to multi-task. This leads to a chronic stress state and anxiety. Have you caught yourself not breathing? When we are not breathing deeply, we are telling our body to go into high-alert stress state and prepare for attack. These incremental stresses damage our physical and mental health over-time and have been linked to serious illness. Meditation helps us to slow down, ground our energy, and reduce anxiety.
  3. Do you prefer being around someone who is anxious and constantly on the go, or someone who can approach situations with a calm, objective perspective? We're pretty sure it's the latter! When we meditate we are more patient with others. As a result, our relationships on the whole improve - whether at work, home or with friends.
  4. When we meditate, we are also able to become more aware of patterns of thought. By understanding this we can adjust and reframe our outlook and perspectives. Did you know that we have about 6,000 thoughts a day... and 95% of them are on repeat!
  5. Tap into your creative potential. In the Theta and Delta state our whole brain is able to integrate thoughts, patterns, emotions, and sensory information. Taking this time to slow down helps us to be better problem solvers and tap into our innovative side.

Interested in Reading More? 

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Taking a few moments throughout the day to check-in with your body and breath, allows us to find greater balance, peace of mind, a fresh outlook, imrpove our focus and concentration, and our overall health.

If you have never meditated before, visit our blog here for the beginners guide.

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