We unite leadership + wellness, working with clients to curate a boutique leadership + wellness journey.

Prior to 2020, we largely met with clients in-person, but like the balance of the world, we look forward to a time when we can again work together in person.

Read on for details about our boutique and curated programming, and don't hesitate to ask us for a detailed menu of our services.

Leadership Services

Our unique approach to leadership operates on the premise that everyone is a leader, and that in turn, great leadership begins with leading oneself.

Leadership Services draws from leadership planning and organizational change management, and includes aptitude and personality assessments, such as TetraMap, EQi and SDI; strategy and planning; vision and mission and goal setting; scientific vision boarding; narrative building and communication skills development.

We will help you build the right offering for your organization.

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Wellness Services

A building block of resilience, wellness is about creating balance in the body and the mind. Led by well-being expert Katie Connolly, Theory incorporates tools such as yoga, meditation and mindfulness, ensuring our practices are accessible to all. Nature is core to everything we offer and whenever possible we deliver our wellness esrvices within nature.

We draw from a wide range of wellness offerings, including breath work, psychosomatic practices and art therapy. With a deep understanding of wellness and its benefits, we aim to help individuals improve their physical and mental health, while tapping into their true potential and creative abilities.

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Leadership Coaching

Theory takes a 'coach approach' to everything we do as we believe that change is most powerful when individuals find and determine their own solutions and pathways. Alexandra Wright, who leads this space, is a Certified Executive Coach, a Certified Resiliency Coach and an International Coach Federation Associate Certified Coach.

Theory also collaborates with with a range of other certified coaches, as needed, to support both individual and team coaching.

Leadership Coaching is the practice by which a coach and client explore possibilities and goals. The coach is a partner in this future-focused, confidential journey, providing insightful and powerful questions and observations to propel the client to find their own solutions and insights.

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Workshops + Retreats

Theory offers a wide variety of boutique Workshops + Retreats. Through these experiences, we bring together individuals to grow and explore their leadership potential.

Retreats can be either stand-alone or part of a wider gathering, such as an annual offsite meeting. We are nimble and creative in crafting events that reflect your organization's unique needs.

Our leadership + wellness toolbox is robust, and we work with a wide variety of aligned practitioners, resulting in unique and timely experiences. We look forward to working with you to craft the right experience for you and your workplace.

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