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Top 5 Qualities of a True Leader

Leading with integrity has never been more important.

May 14, 2021

What is Leadership? 

We define leadership as the ability to lead from within. The journey to leading oneself begins with self awareness and understanding, self care and self love. This then sets the stage to truly inspires others to find the best within themselves, grow and flourish.

Much has been written about what qualities constitute a successful leader, but have you ever sat back and really thought about what you most admire in a leader -- whether that person the CEO of a Fortune 500 company, the leader of the free world or perhaps your fabulous mother. Curious as to what qualities consistently top your lists.

Here's a look at some of the most important qualities leaders espouse:

Top 5 Leadership Qualities

  • Self Awareness to understand one's own strengths and weaknesses. This allows us to seek support where we are not strong, and in turn focus on our strengths. As a leader, this is a very important tool and one that allows us to be more resilient. Self awareness also encourages us to be present in our work and with others, contributing to greater success and health.
  • Vision allows us to see the big picture, yet understand the details required to accomplish the mission. Having vision enables us to know when to step back, redirect and persevere. Vision is about allowing more than what we can envision to come to fruition. This is where working with a team can help us to create more than what was ever imagined.
  • Integrity requires us to be honest with ourselves and others, and through this, gain the trust of those who have placed their confidence with us. Integrity is more important now than ever, as the world is constantly changing, requiring each of us to go within to feel truth in our own bodies.
  • Compassion and desire to truly support others for collaborative success. This compassion extends through our presence in how we approach situations and communicate with others - spoken and unspoken. Compassion requires us to lead truly from within and rely on our intuition and hearts, as much as our minds.
  • Humility and the ability to laugh at ourselves cannot be emphasized enough. This strength allows us to be resilient, to be human, and to connect with others on a much deeper level. Challenges will arise, and if we can be honest with ourselves, others, and let it go, everything flows.

Interestingly enough, Harvard Business Review recently posted their 5 Leadership Types for the Post-Pandemic Era and they align with our Top 5 Qualities almost to a tee! They list them as follows: 

1) Strategic Executor

2) Humble Hero

3) Tech-Savvy Humanist

4) High Integrity Politician

5) Globally Minded Localist

Leading From Within

What are your 5 essential Leadership qualities? How do you embody them? Our work is designed to support you in your growth of leading self and others, in a holistic way to truly fulfill your vision. How do we accomplish this? Through first taking a deep look at self awareness and grounding principles, so that we can learn to truly be present in achieving our vision and daily life. We then encourage our clients to explore their values and purpose, as this will define your path or your vision. Within this we take the time to explore where our values and purpose come from. Are there any self-limiting beliefs or stories that need to be released in order to achieve your true purpose? Through this experience, we define what deeply motivates us for intrinsic motivation and commitment and tools for resilience. Our last step in our process looks outwards, to our communities in order to achieve even more than we imagined through collaboration.

Our approach combines leadership coaching and theory, yogic and somatic tools, and a range of other leadership and wellness tools and tactics geared to help you fully embody your full potential. Alex brings extensive experience in leadership coaching, coupled with a long and global career as a strategic communicator. With over ten years of experience in coaching, the designing of training and learning programs, and also 500 hours of yoga teacher training, Katie is well placed to help individuals gain a deeper understanding of self - mind, body, and heart.

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